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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Turning 30

My friend Dave is turning 30 today. I did that a few months ago and it promoted this type of thing. Ugh. Fuck me.

My friend Matt turned 30 last month and we went out to BBQ and gave him books about great military blunders. Then he went to the gym in order to show 30 he's not afraid of it.

I think Dave's taking it kinda tough, though.

He's an actor, a great guy, one of the best, and he nearly stole the show as the "Jack the Gentleman Caller" in "The Most Wonderful Love" (for those of you that saw it.)

So, friendly readers, I ask you to send Dave some words of friendly encouragement. Below.


Zay Amsbury said...

27, 28, and 29 just plain sucked for me. 30 reared its ugly head and proclaimed that Death is Coming and therefore I must Go and Do.

Go and Do.

Now's the time to put all those ducks in a row, clarify goals, and go for it. Daily.

Of course, ducks always get out of rows, and goals change, but for me, the doing of it, and feeling useful to my family, friends, community and planet makes all the difference.

I'm 31, and this past year (I mark years from mid-July) has been the first year better than the previous year in quite some time.

Oh, and if you're single, there's no longer any excuse to go out with someone who either doesn't know who they are or doesn't know what they want. Period.

Jamespeak said...

Since I'm still 29 (the odometer for me turns over in March 2006), I doubt I'll be of much help here. But I will say that I'm actually really looking forward to turning 30. I'm with Zay, 27, 28 and 29 are shitty, shitty ages. You feel hamstrung at those ages: do I take this fleeting time to milk my 20s for what they're worth and act like a retard, or do I take this time to prepre for honest-to-God adulthood? Do I fish, or cut bait? Shit, or go blind? The decisions, Gah!

When you're in your late-20s, you already can't go to the college-age clubs or parties (without getting very dirty looks), so you're getting all the disadvantages of the 20s (people in their 30s and 40s look down at you, people in their early-20s look down on you) without the advantages.

So all I can say to your friend (apart from Happy Birthday) is that I'm genuinely jealous, and I can't wait until I shed off the 20s.

Ginger said...

The 20's are for bitches, yo.

signed, thirtysomethingbutcloserto40ohfuck