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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman/Lamont Race in CT

This, obviously, is an important race in terms of how the Democratic Party will view its own "party line." The prevailing view (a baffling one) is that Democrats should move to the middle in order to combat the supremecy of the Right.

The problem with this is, of course, that the Right is wrong, and also not on the side of public opinion. Public opinion is against the conservative side on Stem Cell Research, Social Security reform, and especially the war in Iraq. Lieberman represents compromise with the Republicans against public opinion. He is a Democrat that doesn't represent his own constituents and is one of the many politicians that believe that public sentiment against the war in Iraq should not have a bearing on their own personal beliefs. Guess what? Politicians are elected to REPRESENT people, not to make decisions against the will of the people.

So if Lieberman goes (an incumbent with a national name who has firm ties with the DNC) then the glorious move towards sanity is upon us. The message will be: "Vote with the Republicans, and you are voting against our wishes."

I certainly don't think that all decisions should be us vs. them. But the Republican party has proven corrupt, incompotent, and dishonest. We should be trying to move the nation TOWARDS liberal values, not accept the brush that the Red Scare has painted us with.

To follow what's happening over there, I'd send you to Daily Kos, unabashedly liberal and utterly sane.

Cross your fingers.


kirabug said...

As corrupt, impotent, and dishonest as the Republican party is (and I won't deny they are), some folks just don't like "Liberal Values" -- or at least the liberal values that the media seems to espouse. The rest of us don't even know what the heck "liberal values" are, but they seem to cost a lot in taxes.

What's wrong with the middle, I wonder, when most of us seem to be there anyway? I guarantee there are more folks in the middle than on either edge, and isn't this about supporting all the people?

Looking over from the right side of the fence, I'd say you have a better chance with a moderate than a left-winger. But that's me.

kirabug said...

In rereading your post during daylight, I realize that I read a few things wrong. Last night I read it as "any compromise with the Republicans is bad" whereas now I read it as "The wrong compromises with the Republicans are bad".

I, as a Republican, am for stem cell research, and social security reform. I also want to raise the minimum wage and improve health insurance coverage. On the other hand, I want the estate tax repealed, the tax breaks on 529 plans to become permanant, and I don't think we can just walk out of Iraq. And beyond that I want to expand nuclear power in this country, and get back into space where we belong.

Do/did either of your Connecticut politicians come anywhere close to that kind of compromise? I'd cross party lines for that kind of sane politician.