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Monday, August 07, 2006

Loss of Rights? Not So Fast, Lefties!

Sure, we lefty bloggers complain that we're losing the right to privacy, that voting rights are constantly impeded by underhanded means, that the right to a same-sex marriage is being squelched by bigotry, that freedom of assembly and freedom of the press are under attack, that the right for a woman to choose an abortion is being made impossibly difficult by moralistic simpletons...

there is, though, one right that is being expanded!


The right to SHOOT someone if you FEEL threatened. The right to SHOOT FIRST! At last, an issue of freedoms that is finally taken seriously!

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Joshua James said...

Conflicted about this one, bro.

I'm an avid opponent to the NRA and guns in general, I think guns are bad.

However, I am in favor of stand your ground. It never made sense that, if I was being threatened, the law required me to run.

I think civil rights being what they are, I should have the right to stand on the sidewalk or anywhere anyone else is allowed despite threats. If someone threatens to attack me, I should have the right to defend myself and my right to stand where I legally have right to stand.

I never liked that the law said you must run. That should be my choice.

That being said, me don't like guns. Guns bad. If they got rid of guns, I'd get behind this law hunnert percent.