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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush compares Iraq to Vietnam

You'd think that would mean "coming to his senses" but instead he's saying that we should have...stayed in Vietnam? Holy F*cking Shit.

Bush is like our own national snuff film director.


Ian G. said...

I was speechless when I saw this. I really thought there were no depths of rock-salt stupidity left to be plumbed by this man...then he goes and finds a whole new mine.

Somewhere Karl Rove is yelling "HOLY F*CK! I'm coming back! I'm coming back! I didn't mean it! Get the puppet off camera NOW!"

Zack said...

That pretty amazing coming from a draft-dodger like him. He's out of control.

BUSH: Stay the course . . .give the surge a chance to work . . . (Hail Mary pass from his own 1 yard line)we should have stayed in Vietnam? Any takers . . . no . . . Anybody want a mint?

I also love that he seems to be against children of middle income families getting necessary health insurance for free.