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Monday, August 13, 2007

Want to see Bush impeached?

Go ahead and let him Draft Americans in his bullshit, miserable slog of a War.

One of the things that has kept average Americans from giving two shits about the war in Iraq has been the Republican refusal to have it impact anyone but volunteers and Iraqis overseas. The entire debate, therefore, doesn't affect taxes, rationing, or ask anything in particular of average Americans. People have been free to support the war in Iraq without any financial consequence or any specific harm coming to them, precisely because no sacrifices have been made by the majority of Americans as we torture, bomb, abuse and bully.

So go ahead, support the Invasion. It won't matter. It doesn't mean your kids have to go, or that you will have to go yourself.

If a draft was instituted for the war in Iraq, Bush's approval ratings would go sub-20%, his ability to govern would be effectively decimated, the troops would be home in about two weeks, and even Republican congressmen and women would be calling for his impeachment.

So I say... bring on the draft. Let's have it over with.

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Zack said...

This is not the first time it has been considered. In Bush's first term(2004 to be exact), they were trying to push a bill quietly through the Senate Armed Service Committee and I wrote to Hilary Clinton about it. She actually wrote me back and said that she opposed such a measure. It was going to send both men and women. They were also going to have Canada and Mexico block anyone seeming to be dodging the potential draft. Interesting since our "leaders" are a bunch of draft-dodging hypocrites themselves.

I pray that this option is considered.