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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Padilla Found Guilty

So I guess that makes it "ok" that he was abused and his rights trampled on.

One thing that scares me about the current security culture is that there is a sense that the ends justify the means in cases like this one. I'm certain that this will be viewed by some as proof that his overall treatment was justified.

The fact is, our laws are set up to treat all people as if they are innocent until proven guilty. Simple. Padilla was treated as guilty until proven guilty. He was also undeniably abused while in detention. There is no difference between abusing the guilty or the innocent: our detention system has become substantially immoral, dangerously unchecked, and the mechanics of law are used to defend this behavior.

Padilla's entire case has been a shameful episode. The verdict, at this point, is no vindication of our decaying standards.


Zack said...

This is only the beginning my friend. . . Padilla will be a watershed moment in this country's deterioration.

Ian G said...

Absolutely right. This is kind of judicially sanctioned government abuse ranks right up there with the Rosenbergs. The fact that Padilla's guilt is assured and the Rosenbergs' was not does not excuse the treatment of him.