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Friday, August 10, 2007

Same-Sex Marriage / Same-Sex Infantry

This CNN article highlights two national polls, that show a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriage, but that a far greater marjority of Americans support gay men and women being in the military.

Americans who are taking a "religious" position on gay marriage seem not to have as many qualms about "Thou Shalt Not Kill." To me, this is strong evidence that the public opposition to gay marriage is entirely social, and not religious at all. What moral standard says "It's ok to go and shoot people for America, but you can't get married in America?"

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Ian G said...

Hear hear.

I think opposing gay marriage is indefensible, because when you get right down to it, the only real reason to oppose is because way way deep down, you feel that gay people are "icky".

And guess what, folks? Gay marriage? It's comin'. It's gonna happen. Like every other civil rights issue: segragation laws, micegenation laws, whatever, you can slow down enlightened progress but you can't stop it. There was a time that interracial marriage was illegal, people thought it was against the fundamental concept of marriage and would lead to the breakdown of society. They were wrong then, and they couldn't stop it. And they're wrong now. Gay marriage: Coming soon to a family near you. Get used to it.