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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush Vetoes Children's Healthcare Expansion

Now, it goes without saying that Bush is in an indefenisble position and simply holding the line for private insurance companies. It also goes without saying that he apparently is the last person on earth to hear about the massive sea change in public attitudes about health insurance.

What strikes me as particularly sickening is that in his entire presidency, Bush has vetoed four bills. Four. Two related to stem-cell research, one bill that had a withdrawal timetable for Iraq, and this bill that expands healthcare coverage.

So...no to curing diseases, ending war, or children's health. It's a truly enviable record.

Of course, we are paying Blackwater more than $1000 a day per solider in Iraq. But expand children's health insurance? The price tag is too high.

Giving medicine to kids? Socialism.


Zack said...

If Congress had submitted a bill for puppies and kittens, he would have vetoed that too.

If the bill doesn't have to do with strip-mining our federal budget, raping the earth's natural resources, or accumulating power, than "the Decider" is not interested.

parabasis said...

Well, it kinda is socialism. There's just nothing wrong with that...