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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

Reading about the recent biography of Charles Schulz, it brings to mind one of the best gifts I ever gave to a friend of mine. It was a video of What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? It's about World War II.

The speech Linus gives at Normandy? So sad I couldn't stop laughing. If you can find a copy, I heartily recommend it.


Joshua said...

love schultz, wanted to be him when I was growing up (and actually I got published as a cartoonist while still in high school) . . . I have the four volume early years Peanuts, and just read about the biography and added it to my amazon wish list . . .

david d. said...

For anyone that hasn't seen it, 'What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?' is a spooky, nearly-surreal must-watch.

Not only does Linus give a speech about the history of the Normandy landing, surrounding by superimposed newsreel ghosts... but he even seems DRAWN to the beach by an unseen force, to give that speech. Genius.

Linus, most sensitive of all the Peanuts, also seems particularly vulnerable and sickly in this movie. Am I the only one that ever worried that Linus would be the one that wouldn't survive to adulthood somehow? I find it nearly impossible to imagine an adult Linus. He has to always be that spooky kid.