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Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

...and is made, at last, the PRESIDENT!

Wait. Shit. Well, everything else about this is awesome, anyway.


TD said...

This was the best news to wake up to this morning. The NPR announcers could barely contain themselves. =)

cgeye said...

I am as happy as a little girl.

At least the world sees what our culture does its dead level best to hide from us: He is the best leader we have.

Matthew said...

I turned on NPR this morning, and they started a story about other Nobel winners today by saying "In light of the news about Al Gore", and then proceeded on with talk about these other guys, and I was left for about 7 unedurable minutes to hope that the "news about Al Gore" was what I hoped it was. And then, I heard about his Nobel Prize when they did the news at the top of the next hour. I was happy for him, but crushed at the same time.

An interesting commentary, perhaps, on the Democratic field that I would get that excited about Al Gore throwing his hat in.