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Friday, January 27, 2006

Nicole duFresne

Today is the anniversary of the death of Nicole duFresne, with whom I attended Emerson College.

She and I were acquaintences, honestly, but had a great number of mutual friends, and I was always aware of her presence in my life and her importance in the lives of those around her. She was presented as an ambitious young actress, which she was. But from what I remember, she was a warrior at heart. Ask those that knew her closely and they'll tell you...she was a big "F" Feminist, free thinker, activist, punchy, rowdy, frustrating truthspeaker. She was not just enjoyed, she was adored.

Her death did what the deaths of the best always do... it inspired more love and connection in those that are left behind.

Her face was on the cover of several newspapers last year when she passed away, so you may have been aware of her loss, or have met her in the tiny world of New York theater. I'd urge anyone to honor her memory today, simply as one of the good guys, or as someone you knew well. You could even contribute to her memorial fund, if you have the means.

In the meantime, we're all still on the Earth, Nicole. Fighting the Good Fight. We hope we're making you cheer.

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Anonymous said...

From last year...

The Seattle community loved her too.
I was just thinking about her husband yesterday and wondering how he was...