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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Associated Press versus Obama

Just after the very big news (despite its massive underreporting) that al-Maliki endorses Obama's plan for withdrawal, the AP publishes this non-story more prominently.

Obviously, the AP has been McCain's base (his words) for some time...but this is an odd play. This is stuff of international importance. To seek out an opposing quote before adequately reporting the topic at hand can only been seen as an editorial decision to undercut Obama.


Another example of a take on Obama (this time from McClatchy) that reaches desperately to show dissension in generally closing ranks. I've heard little but admiration from progressives for Obama's statements and smart outflanking of McCain during his Mideast trip. But if you were to read this, you'd think the left is split down the middle on him, up in arms.

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