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Monday, July 07, 2008

How Theater Failed to Fail Failure

Or something like that. Good reading to be found below.

American Theatre and Mike Daisey hash it out in public.

h/t Leonard and Adam.


Anonymous said...

I hope the American Theatre folks take Daisey up on this. "How Theatre Failed America" really needs to be published in that magazine and read by every subscriber. It's really important. And unfortunately, he'd have to perform it over and over, across the country, for a good long while before having even a slight chance of getting it in front of the people who need to hear it. Publication could get it into thousands of professional theatre folks' hands immediately.

Anonymous said...

Ian, didn't Daisey just perform it for them at the recent TCG conference? If so, I believe it has now been in front of those who need to hear it. I hope they publish it though, cuz all I keep thinking is that Eyring sure is no Ben Cameron - I bet he would have embraced it, not refute.