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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Except for New Hampshire...

...pretty much every primary has gone...exactly as common sense would have dictated. Even though the media has been reporting tight races in just about every primary since Iowa, the races have been won in significant margins by the candidate most likely to win any given race.

For example... conventional wisdom said that Obama was a lock for winning Wisconsin until about three days before the actual voting. Then, out of nowhere, all these stories appeared about how the state was actually very close and that the demographics supported Hillary Clinton.

Then, Obama won Wisconsin by almost 20 points.

Makes you wonder if the thing that's calling the election results into the most doubt is, um, high ratings for CNN?

That would be beyond the pale, of course. News isn't a business.

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John said...

No, it's just another goddamned racket, my friend.

Not to come off as a globe-trotting prick, but after a month or so in another country, any other country, it is shocking when you come back and turn on the television or pick up a paper. I mean, Orwell didn't even dream of how easy it is to control a supposedly free population.