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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The New York Times DVD Review Section

I know. I know. I'm just not a big enough student of film or too beholden to the studio system. I have poor taste...but I despise the New DVDs section of the New York Times.

When I'm thinking about buying a new DVD, which I do relatively frequently, I entirely ignore the opinion of The New York Times. It's DVD section is for people who really care about Eisenstein.

Today is an excellent example: LUBITSCH MUSICALS!

For the love of God! I mean, once in a while is one thing. But it's always like this.

Does anybody else out here...feel...the way I...do?


David Johnston said...

I disagree. I frequently see it in the Times, and run and snag it on Neflix. I was actually pricing the Lubitsch. I am a huge DVD dork this way, and I'm OK with that. And no I've never seen Battleship Potemkin.

Rob Kozlowski said...

Maybe I'm not the guy to ask since I teach film history, but I love what Dave Kehr does with the column, building awareness of classic cinema in an era when anything without CGI is considered prehistoric. For example, when I showed a clip of "Duck Soup" in my film history class, my college-aged students, all majoring in Film, were delighted: they had NEVER HEARD of the Marx Brothers.

Freeman said...


I'm sorry. I'm being defensive. My using that word only casts my behavior in a more unfavorable light.