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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wait. Wait a second. Mukasey is...evil?

So according to this, the Attorney General (who, if you recall, refused to take a stand on torture back when his confirmation was being debated) now says that the Department of "Justice" cannot engage in an investigation about the criminal use of torture, because the Justice Department APPROVED of its use beforehand.

Meaning, the Justice Department can declare its actions legal at will and therefore protect itself from Congressional oversight.

Which means they're only guided by their own judgment?

This might be the most frightening assertion to come directly out of Bush Administration officials yet. It's not that they're hiding anymore. It's too late for that. Now they're saying, simply, that they can declare their own actions (actions like torture) legal. That they are nakedly above the law. That they make the law by stating their opinion.

Unchecked executive power.

January 2009 can't come too soon. This has to stop. The Congress should spend the rest of the year impeaching him, simply to keep its dignity.

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