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Monday, February 04, 2008

The FBI wants to know everything about you

As if they can't tell the computer from which I'm writing this blog post.

Strangely enough, my pal Marshall and I were discussing privacy over drinks just a couple of days ago. He teaches a class about privacy at a University in DC.

Suffice to say... privacy is a fundamental right and we've not only surrendered it large amount to the government and to advertisers over the last 10 years, but we've become a surveillance society of one another. That's YouTube and Myspace and Facebook and Friendster and, yes, blogs. Instead of protecting ourselves... we show the world everything there is to know, and don't complain when Google, for example, uses our own e-mails to sell us specialized goods.

This FBI database seems like the next logical step in tracking our movements, our behaviors, and our activities. As the technology increases on the side of those able to monitor us, the law must advance to protect those being watched.

Regular citizens must also be increasingly vigilant and outraged. By things like this proposed FBI database and things like RFID.

Know what that is? Take a look at this.

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