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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kenneth Lay Dies

I'll tell you one thing...when I die I hope my obit doesn't say "Died in awful shame." Boy do I ever. Right now, I feel like I'm running a 60-40 chance. You decide which way I'm leaning.

I heard a few people around my office say he took the easy way out. If he's as firm a believer in God as he claimed, I'd wager he was happy to go. Everyone knows what God does to, you know, liars and cheats and swindlers.

Puts them in Office. I wonder if you can be CEO of the Heaven Corporation.

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Anonymous said...

When my father was trying to look on the bright side of a truly awful day, he would always say "Any day is a good day as long as it doesn't end with you dead or indicted".

He may have ended one day dead a few months ago, but Ken Lay takes the taco: ending up simultaneously dead and indicted.