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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Opera 9!

 To put on a completely different hat for a moment, I was reading something that noted that the Mozilla FireFox web browser was moving towards 2.0. Cool enough. I love Firefox. But reading a blog called ArsTechnica I found that the reviewer was happy with "Opera 9" his apparent browser of choice.

Of course, I'm a bit of a pseudo-technophile like everyone else. I don't have the money for neat equipment or crazy stuff...I just have my wireless Dell at home with it's low-horsepower and I try to get the most out of it that I can. When I find cool stuff (like using less Internet Explorer, which is like a virus magnet) I'm happy.

I downloaded Opera 9 at work, and I must say...quite awesome. I suggest it. Fun indeed. I like the interface, which is elegantly put together. They describe it on their site as having a "tightly written code" which I'm sure is geekspeak for "They don't write too much Ad-Ware for Opera."

One of the few things that gives me a little smile consistently is the Open-Sourcing and Democratizing of Media and Software. It's a beautiful thing.

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MattJ said...

ooh fancy. It's a lot like the new IE beta except smaller and faster.

I'm going to go get a life, excuse me.