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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Matters of National Security

Robert Novak has revealed what we all knew from the beginning: His source
for the Valerie Plame leak was Karl Rove

Another example of the curtains not matching the drapes. The Bush Administration treats the press like traitors to the State when they reveal his illegal behavior. They treat the leaking of "Classified Information" from sources they don't control as a threat to the 'safety of the American people' or some such rhetoric. (They have also been classifying documents at a record rate. 15 million in 2004, which is more than twice the number of 2001, for example.)

When they approve of leaking classified information, though (in order to punish political enemies, no less) they lie and then throw the weak link to the wolves ("Let Scotter take the fall.")

Now, after all that, after Rove seems to have been let off the hook, Novak says "Now that the investigation is over, I'll tell you the truth." Novak, that elderly snake, and Rove, that pig-faced Goebbels, might as well be giving the entire country the middle finger.

The truth comes out but only after they feel safe.


Scott Walters said...

Actually, Novak only said that Rove verified the identity -- he has not revealed his primary source. So technically, Rove didn't leak the info, just confirm that the info Novak had was true. Still duplicitous, as you note, but duplicitous in a slightly different way.

Freeman said...

Frankly, what Novak says now and his behavior seems very far apart. It seems like, as usual, the amount of duplicitous behavior and legal jargon and bait-and-switch involved doesn't match the "now too simple" explanation of those involved.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I think maybe history books should now refer to Goebbels as a "rat-faced Rove".