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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fare Thee Well, Helpless Liar

Scott McClellan, the increasingly ubiquitous and pathetic White House Spokesman, stepped down today.

He was a little lying figurehead for a the most tremendously wide and shamelessly lying mouth in the history of the United States.

His job was to keep the Free Press from knowing things, and obeying the orders of his evil leaders, who would feed him lines through a wire that went up, I'm sure, his anus. He has the impossible role of defending the indefensible, like a Defense Lawyer at the Nuremberg Trials.

So, Scott, we wish you the worst. I hope your actions haunt you, and you fail to sleep at night, and that someday, you wake up sweating with your heart pounding, after a dream that includes you personally blindfolding and ball gagging members of the press corps.


Anonymous said...

You are far, FAR to kind on him. The Whitehouse looks a bit like rats fleeing a sinking ship,no?

ryanlukepaulson@gmail.com said...

It has been written that McClellan has a few cats. I'll bet he likes the stuffonmycat blog. I wish there was a stuffOnScottMcClellan blog where people could post pictures of random things they placed on top of Scott McClellan...like a Volkswagen.

Anonymous said...

I think, if he does, McClellan should post some pictures of just a cat and call it, "My Credibility and Good Name On My Cat"