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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Patrick Henry College

Their mission: a US government run by those who believe in "the absolute Truth."

The face of the new American Fascism.


Anonymous said...

There was a documentary about Patrick Henry College that just aired on the Discovery Times Channel...if you have cable or satellite TV you might want to check it out. Very scary stuff...

Anonymous said...

Just so you know... the documentary played off alot of the stereo types about us that aren't true. But yes, we do believe there is truth and we do believe in living that out. Don't we need at least some basis for law?

Freeman said...

I do believe we need a basis for law. It's called "Reason." Religious faith is not a basis for law...it's a basis for personal decision making.

And, honestly, fundamentalist christianity which believes in "absolute truth" is flawed and narrow. I have no problem with people have a moral basis for their decisions. I do have a problem with people citing "absolute truth" as the basis for their decisions.