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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For going to this much effort to try to keep Kucinich from even debating on their network tonight. Kudos to Kucinich for fighting it. This sort of thing makes me furious. There's nothing to say except, who the fuck does Chuck Todd think he is?

One of the excuses they're using is that NBC Universal is a "privately-held corporation." The airwaves belong to the people and are regulated by the FCC. Period. Let the candidates debate. Give them more time. Less time to Brittany Spears (Associated Press, this means you) and more time to truly progressive voices.

There's really no excuse for limiting debate except that the television geniuses on MSNBC think they should decide whose views are heard by the voters. Maybe Kucinich would be getting a bigger portion of the progressive vote if the news media wouldn't work so hard to silence him.


AlienShack.com said...
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TD said...

"It's Britney, bitch."

Not Brittany. This is a BIG DEAL.