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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Good Karma

I invite you to name someone in your local theater scene that you admire and support. Someone who doesn't actively work with you directly.

For example, I think Kirk Wood Bromley should be playing at bigger stages than he currently has been. He's pretty damn successful in his own right, but I have no idea why he's not at The Public or Playwright's Horizons. Met him a few times, don't know him all that personally well, but I think he's a fantastic writer.


TD said...

The one play I've seen by Carly Mensch ("The Delicate Business of Boy and Miss Girl" in the '06 NY Fringe) blew me away and is one of my favorite plays I've seen in NY to this day. She and I share an alma mater, but I've never met her. I was excited to see that her new play was picked for the Humana festival this year, because I think she's a really talented writer.

Zack said...

Mac Rogers!

Never worked with him directly, but would love to. I absolutely love his writing and would laugh my ass off every night listening to "Trailers" before we would go on for "Suburban Peepshow".

john said...

What a beautiful exercise. I'm going to say, somewhat randomly, Brian Frederick. Saw one thing he directed, an underground production of This is Our Youth and we've exchanged a few emails. Young guy, showing a great sense of rhythm and getting three excellent, nuanced perfomances from his players.

RLewis said...

wasn't going to throw in on this one, but think it's such a good question that I was hoping more folks would. good of td, zack, and john, but since more didn't kick in, i feel compelled...

Julie Hamberg (d), Clarinda Mac Low (c), Randy White (d), Evan Younoulis (d), Arthur Aulisi (a), Jeff Janisheski (d), James Scruggs (a/w), Gabby Schaefer (a/p), Bill Balzac (a/d), Chris Hurt (a), Carolyn Rendel (d); and Susan Bernfield (a/w/p) & Chris Burney (p) should head major institutions... soon.