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Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Wins in Iowa

Loved his speech too. And Huckabee won.

Totally called it. I'm in the man.

I'm not entirely convinced Obama can beat Clinton in New Hampshire, though. We'll see. Huckabee will definitely have a tough time there.

Personally, there isn't any of the top Democratic candidates that I particularly dislike. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I certainly don't find Obama's arguments "fucking despicable." One might say the same thing about Clinton and Edwards voting "Yes" on the war in Iraq. Politics is a tough fight and full of difficult decisions and weird triangulations. In the end, Obama is a principled guy with a powerfully positive message who has the sort of background that just screams good things about this country.

The fact that Obama (and for that matter Clinton) is more than a viable candidate, but is, in fact, a frontrunner candidate for the Presidency says something that is just as inspirational about the country as Bush's presidency has been disheartening. The fact that Obama attracts so many Independent voters and young voters says a great deal about what he represents and how he can move the Democrats past our traditional base and even expand our relevancy.

If he doesn't win in the long run, so be it. But tonight, sick as I am, I'm smiling.

On the flip side... Clinton coming in third is a tough and will undoubtedly affect how she's perceived by voters in upcoming primaries. Watch for her margins to narrow.

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