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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Even more on Code Reform

First, the Village Voice hits with an article about Showcase Code Reform.

Now, Time Out New York features East River Commedia and their struggles with The Code.

Wonderful to see so much of this hitting the print media. Question is, of course, what effect this all is having inside Equity, if any. They must be reading this stuff.


Anonymous said...

The plan looks good and I like Obama, but seriously I was more for Hillery, Now that Oprah has irresponcibly thrown in her 2 trillion cents I no longer feel that the demecratic primary will be a fair race. Death to Oprah and her subversive ways.

Dan F

Anonymous said...


Didn't realize that Obama, Clinton or Oprah Winfrey had weighed in on Equity Showcase Code Reform yet. 'Course, there are some issues that are just TOO contentious for them to handle unless really pressed on them. And I think Kucinich is the only one to have made public his policy on raked stages and the use of smoke and fog machines.... Bless 'em, he's got an answer for everything, even if no one asks.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Now I get it. It was a comment for the next post down.

I'm sort of disappointed by this reasonable explanation-- I thought we were having a moment of Blog Comments Dada.