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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Wanted to share something that graced my inbox with my readers. Looks pretty great.

OPERA-FOR-ALL is an audience outreach programs that begins with a series of performances at New York City Opera where all seats are offered for just $25. The festival opens with three performances on Sept 6th-8th and continues throughout the New York City Opera season where 50 or more seats in the front orchestra will be priced at just $25 a seat.

Why is City Opera having an OPERA-FOR-ALL Festival?
The Festival is a way of reconnecting to City Opera's founding mission of innovative opera at accessible prices. By generating publicity at the start of the season, OPERA-FOR-ALL is also designed to encourage attendance by first-time opera goers and spread the word in the public about City Opera's 2007-2008 season.

What are the events?
There are three performances on September 6th, 7th, and 8th for which ALL seats will be sold for $25.

Sept. 6th
City Opera Concert Celebration 7:30 p.m.
followed by an after party with the East Village Opera Company on the Promenade of the State Theater

Sept. 7th
LA BOHEME by Puccini 8:00 p.m.featuring behind the scenes video footage prior to the performance

Sept. 8th
DON GIOVANNI by Mozart 8:00 p.m.featuring behind the scenes video footage prior to the performanceWhat are the details on the events?

THE CONCERT: The City Opera Celebration Concert will showcase our orchestra in an 80-minute program of highlights from the season sung by City Opera artists.

THE POST-CONCERT PARTY: As a way of kicking off the Festival and welcoming a new audience to our house, the entire audience will be invited onto the Promenade and Ring Balconies of the New York State Theater for light hors d'oeuvres and beverages following the Concert. The East Village Opera Company, a rock band that plays opera arrangements, will provide music for the party.

LA BOHEME and DON GIOVANNI: These will be regular performances of these classic operas, featuring special behind-the-scenes videos shown at the top of the first act and after the first intermission. For many, LA BOHEME and DON GIOVANNI are works that sparked a life-long passion for opera, so we are looking forward to introducing a new audience to these works through the Festival.

OPERA FOR ALL - ALL THE TIME: This year OPERA-FOR-ALL is even bigger! In addition to the three evenings where all seats are $25, 50 or more seats in the front orchestra will be priced at $25 a seat all season long! $25 front orchestra seats for the week go on sale each Monday. No “rush line” to wait on*buy on-line and by phone.

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Jaime said...

I think this is so awesome. I will say that I saw City Opera's Boheme last season or the year before, and it's a little... stale. But my classical music professional friend (and huge opera snob) says that their Don Giovanni is great. And I will be seeing it.