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Friday, September 28, 2007

Stop Her Now (She's a Lady!)

Here's a question:

Can the hatred that the political right hurls at Hillary Clinton (check out this steaming pile of bull) be accounted for in any way but sexism?


parabasis said...

Well... I'd use the word misogyny, personally.

What's Very strange about it is the way she gets portrayed as some kind of far left extremist (one t-shirt i say unironically called her a communist) when, truth by told, she's a fairly mainstream Democrat. The easy thing to attack her on is her clear lack of principles and her cowardice. Easy because, amongst other things, there's a clear case to be made there. (One I personally find persuasive).

But somehow I think the extremist meme is tied into the misogyny thing, but I can't quite explain how. Maybe it's that all women with power must be mad with power.

BTW: My robot word to spit back was PWLTAX which, if read out loud, sounds like Poll Tax. Odd, eh?

Unknown said...

You also have to take into account who is creating the pieces on this "blog." GOP attack dogs? whatever you might feel about Clinton, one thing she is not is an extreme lefty. for the purposes of this blog it seems she's just a leading candidate that isnt on the same side as them. wonder what their Obama blog looks like...