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Thursday, September 20, 2007

General Betray Us

Listen... this is a load of f*cking b*llshit.

And so is this.

First of all, the idea that George Bush would refer to an ad which questions the integrity of a military officer as "disgusting," after running two dirty campaigns against two distinguished former members of the armed forces (Kerry and McCain), is just the height of sickening irony.

Furthermore, Bush has expressly used Petreus as a proxy for his own policies, using the General as a political human shield. If the Bush Administration can disrespect boldly, and even arrest, people like Cindy Sheehan, whose own son died fighting for Bush's illegal war, they lose the right to moral outrage. In fact, they invite and deserve the sort of skepticism that MoveOn.org dishes out.

What the hell does a political ad have to do with the war in Iraq? F*ck-all, that's what. Which is exactly why the Republicans are thrilled to be talking about it.


lesetoiles/maggie said...

Matt - this is amazing - thank you for being the third blogger i've recently read and know personally (well sort of!) to blog about this crap.

Are you really working for the Episcopal Church?

Anonymous said...

Right on.

And what's with Kerry saying he opposes any statement that questions an active-duty general? Um, when would be a good time to question them, then? When they're safe at home in retirement, after mismanaging all the bloodshed they could? How's that helping?

Maybe that's why Kerry droned on while that student was being tased in Florida. He mistook the cops for active-duty generals, and didn't want to question them.